No More Reading On Weight Loss

I had searched the internet for more than 4 hours. I was looking for some easy weight loss tips but believe me; I found nothing except spamming. Same junk content is repeated over and over.

I am sick of that repetition.

Finally, I decided that I would never read a single article on weight loss.

No more reading on weight loss!

What is the use of all that reading? Not all those informative weight loss articles can help me achieve my goals. It was enough. I thought I should accept myself the way I was.

I gave up!

It was my experience when I was trying to lose my first five pounds. Nothing was working for me and I gave up.

Guess what?

It worked for me. I became my tutor. I planned my diet plans. I wrote my exercise routines. I began to love myself in the real sense of the word. Being overweight, does not mean that you should hate yourself.

I followed some simple fitness tips and in 6 months; I lost 8 pounds. Within a year, my BMI score became 19.3 and I have still maintained my weight.

It is important!

Try to maintain your weight once you have achieved your weight loss goals. I know you are not looking to lose 8 pounds in 6 months. You want quick results. But it is hard to maintain your weight.

In my 2 years experience with weight loss industry, I found two issues.

  • It promises too much. They claim that you can lose 3 pounds with a body wrap session or lose 10 pounds with a 3-day diet plan. It is obvious that this is spamming. It is impossible to lose 10 pounds in 3 days and if you can do it; it is dangerous for your health
  • It is impossible to follow the advice. You can read information like “follow this 3 day diet plan, walk for 40 minutes, and do cardiovascular exercise for 1 hour.” By following this tip, you can easily lose 2 to 3 pounds in a day but what about your health? You will gain these pounds back within a week.

You can see the information presented is not practical. We are dealing with our physical body.

What is the use of all those quick diet plans and fancy promises?

If you are facing these problems like me, I want to share some simple health tips with you. These are easy tips. I have used them and you are well aware of the results I got.

3 easy health tips

Take it easy

Stop being overwhelmed. Take it easy, friend. Weight loss is a problem but do not get tense about it. Love yourself. Stop worrying about those extra pounds. I encourage you to stop reading weight loss articles and other health information.

Design your own path

Be creative. You have read enough on weight loss. Believe me, now you are a weight loss expert. Follow your own advice and see the results for yourself.

Love yourself

Stop being hard on yourself. It is not your fault that you are fat. Believe me, emotional embarrassment is a major weight loss issue for most people. Please love yourself. Try to understand yourself and your uniqueness.

Use these 3 simple health tips. Remove the emotional burden, stop traditional dieting, walk a little, and be happy. You are on a very good path to a long and healthy life.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – 7 Tips For Safe & Long Term Weight Loss

Tip #1 Avoid Dieting

Stay away from short-term rapid weight loss diets. For the most part, the diet will make you cut your food so much that it wouldn’t even be able to feed a ten-year-old for a day.

Low-calorie diet plan plans to develop a chain of physiological occasions that activates you to lose muscle, water, and fat.

Muscle is your first buddy in the battle for weight control. You do not wish to lose any of it!

Muscle loss eventually triggers your metabolism to slow down, which is the first aspect low-calorie diets stop working to keep the weight off.

Tip #2 Eat A Balanced Diet

Consume a balanced diet strategy is not a “diet plan” however merely an encouraging technique of consuming.

Your meals should be consisted of…

– lean protein

– complex carbs

– veggies

– healthy fats

Consist of some parts of fresh fruit every day and clean all of it down with lots of water.

Many diet plans have you eliminate among the high products. Low carbohydrate diet strategies have you eat mainly protein and fat.

Short-term declines in carbohydrate consumption or carbohydrate cycling can be helpful for fast weight loss. Lots of diet plan strategies notify you to cut carbs to very low levels for extended periods.

Carbohydrates offer energy for your brain, workout, and all other activities.

Carbs play a considerable role in muscle maintenance. Maintaining or consisting of brand-new muscle is required for long-lasting, safe weight loss.

There are real, incredibly few healthy weight decreases diet plans. Keep away. You’ve looked out!

Tip #3 Hit The Weights

Many people think you need to do cardiovascular workout to lose fat then raise weights to “tone” it up.

What occurs is individuals wind up doing excessive aerobic exercise and barely any resistance exercises.

Extreme aerobics results in muscle loss, which causes a slower metabolism.

I’m not stating skip aerobics – it’s simply one part of what you require to do. You need to challenge your muscle through resistance or weightlifting.

Tip #4 Take Lessons

To remain injury complimentary when you exercise you need to know right posture, methods to raise weights correctly, efficiently to breathe, and the finest methods to extend securely.

Get appropriate direction through books, videos, or an exceptional Fitness Professional.

Take some lessons. Do not prevent this important healthy weight loss tip.

Tip #5 Lose Just 2 Pounds A Week

2 lbs aren’t much, but here’s the deal…

Two pounds is the recognized high quantity to lose weekly. Possibilities are you’re losing muscle together with fat if you’re losing much more than 2 lbs a week.

The exception is if-if you’re exceptionally obese. When you first start exercising and modifying your eating regimens, you’ll likely lose more than two pounds a week. You’ll lose great deals of water weight and fat at.

As you get closer to a healthy weight for your height, the pounds lost weekly requires being up to one and a half or more pounds every week.

You’ll lose 2 pounds of fat each week while maintaining or including muscle if you’re consuming well and following a balanced workout program.

Tip #6 Don’t Overdo It

You do not require to work out 2 hours a day to lose weight!

Excessive exercise can result in overtraining.

Overtraining might trigger…

– little or significant injuries

– muscle and joint pains and pains

– sensations of fatigue

– muscle loss

Exercises must remain between 30 and 60 minutes long and hardly anymore.

Do not go for it each time you exercise. Extreme workout each and every single day will trigger overtraining.

Work out 4 to 5 days for a couple of weeks to relieve your body into the brand-new activity if you’re a brand-new to the exerciser.

Think me; you can get your desired outcomes by exercising 5 or 6 days a week for 30 – 60 minutes.

Tip #7 Stay Off The Pills

Those weight loss tablet advertisements are sickening! They usually achieve success at making folks believe that a container of caffeine tablets is the reason for those bogus before and after pictures of individuals who lost weight.

Here’s the deal…

Some research studies have exposed that caffeine might increase metabolism and motivate big release. Utilizing caffeine 30 minutes before an exercise may assist you to burn off more fat. Pre-workout caffeine is most likely most beneficial for individuals who do not currently consume a bunch of coffee every day.

I mention preventing caffeine tablets. If you wish to attempt some anyway, use this list:

– know the components,

– follow all directions,

– examine your tolerance with a little dose,

– don’t take them seven days a week,

– don’t overdose!

Don’t make use of caffeine pills for more than about 3 or 4 weeks. Leave the pills alone for 2 to 4 weeks, so your body’s natural energy systems remind regular.

Finally, do your research and look for examinations before you buy any weightloss supplements.

There you have it – 7 healthy weight reduction tips that can help you minimize weight firmly and keep it off for good!