9 Overlooked Health and Fitness Tips

What are the best health and fitness tips? There are tons and tons of diets and exercise regimens online and in magazines.

It really can get overwhelming after a certain point. Here are nine simple tips to get you on the road to better health shortly:

#1) Focus on developing one habit at a time

If both your diet and exercise habits need changing, just pick one and focus on that. Do not try to tackle both at once. The success rate for trying to develop two habits at the same time is very low.

Then try to stick with your activity for for thirty days. Studies have shown that this is how long it takes for a habit to form. This is how to develop healthier habits.

#2) Exercise vigorously

Few things will make a difference in your overall health and mental outlook as exercise. In particular, intense workouts are the most effective.

Yes, it’s true that walking is better than doing nothing. However, sprinting is better still. Vigorous exercises have more health benefits.

They are superior for losing weight and seeing strength gains. In other words, ten minutes of sprinting beats forty five minutes of slow jogging any day.

#3) Stay active throughout the day

Also focus on staying active throughout the day-not just during your exercise time. This is particularly important if you sit a lot for work.

Simply getting up and doing pushups or jumping jacks every fifteen to twenty minutes will make a huge difference in your attitude and mental focus. Quick bursts of activity throughout the day are very important for staying alert and being productive.

#4) Keep it fun

A lot of people hate their exercise regime, which is why they ultimately quit. The key is making it enjoyable. This will help you become more motivated to exercise.

One thing you might want to do is take up a sport you’ve always wanted to try.

#5) Get a workout partner

If you have trouble sticking with someone, committing to exercise with someone can be effective for getting you to stick with it.

#6) Eat natural foods

Your food selection plays a huge role in how you feel. In general, raw foods are the way to go. This is because they are the easiest for the body to digest, and generally contain the most nutrients.

That’s why raw fruits and vegetables should be the staple of your diet. Make sure to eat vegetables raw. Many people cook them, but they lose most of their nutrients when you do this.

#7) Get more fresh air

Crack open a window at the office. Exercise outside if you can. The more fresh air you get, the better you will feel.

#8) Get eight hours of sleep a night

This makes a huge difference in your overall energy level. Many people operate on six hours or less. However, you will notice a huge difference in how you feel when you get more sleep.

#9) Avoid medications

Just about every prescription drug has harsh chemicals which cause serious side effects.

The bottom line: your health is not dependent on luck or genetics, as many people falsely believe. The vast majority of health problems people experience can be cured by simple diet and exercise changes. Implement these nine health and fitness tips, and you will see a huge difference in your overall health and vitality very shortly.

Health and Fitness Tips For Women – Best Recommendations For Workout Routines

A slim and trim and well toned body is a delight not only to flaunt, but also to behold. Today, women all over the world aim at the zero size and hourglass waistlines. However, the fast paced lifestyles we lead and the demands made on our time, at work and at home, make it impossible to stay in shape and perfect physical and mental health without dedication and guidance.

The best tips for workout routines applicable to women include the following:

Develop a plan

Chalk out your daily chores and free time on hand and only then design a fitness regime to work out. This will ensure that your workout routine will be managed within the free time on hand and the quality of the regime will not be hampered due to any disturbances.

Consult your doctor

It is very important to consult the family doctor and confirm your fitness level to take on the regime intended. It will do you good to periodically check your blood pressure and pulse rate. You should ideally adopt a fitness routine only after consulting your doctor and trainer and considering all the options, pros and cons involved.

Stay motivated

If company helps to motivate you, exercise at the local gym. Remember that the body loses mobility and flexibility with every break in the regime. Identify a space, time and routine that will keep sedentary habits at bay and enable you to exercise regularly.

Remember to adopt warm up and cool down exercises

It helps to develop the routine, complete with warm up exercises prior to the main work out and cool down exercises post regime. Gentle flexing before and after helps a lot and keeps strain and injury away. The warm up exercises enable the body to gradually adapt to the postures required during the regime, while the cool down exercises help to relax the body after the regime, neck, shoulders and every body part involved in the work out.

There are many online and offline resources that help you to put great exercise regimes together and offer guidelines 24 hours a day. Also there are certain simple exercises that you can adopt and practice even as you handle your daily chores, like:

1. Standing with your feet apart and knees slightly bent and bending your torso to the right and left for a great stretch

2. Lying on your back and bending your knees and raising your legs to cross your ankles to tone stomach muscles with the controlled movement and breath

3. Going down on and straightening one leg out at a time

4. Striding forward one leg at a time, keeping your back straight and bending both knees till each one, in turn, nearly touches the floor

5. Holding a chair and in turn, turning your legs out slightly and then raising one at a time as high as you can

6. Lying on your back and raising your knees and lower legs so that they are parallel to the ground

7. Sitting on a stool and resting your forearms over your thighs as you lean forward and pick up a dumb bell weight with one hand at a time

The workout routines are many and it is important to first identify the kind or level of toning you desire before taking on an exercise regime. It is just as important to compliment the fitness regime with a well balance diet. You should also consider simple toning exercises for all round fitness and tone muscles that lose strength and appeal with age. These exercises also help you address problems such as sagging skin and droopy posture.

Remember there are many experts who make themselves physically available or guide you online or offline, either free or for a reasonable fee.

Health and Fitness Tips – We All Could Use a Little Help

Through the consistent use of the following health and fitness tips hopefully I can aid you, even if just a little bit, to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. To remain fit and healthy is never an easy thing but by utilizing these tips hopefully you will remain accountable to yourself.

We all know that when we start down a path to regaining our health, that the path is riddled with detours and it is easy to get off track. So to stay on track I recommend some sort of tracking system. I know that recording your stats seems like a tedious thing to do but, if you do not know where you have been how do you know where you are going?

In the past I have used a simple spreadsheet for recording my daily weight, workout routine, and all the meals and calories that were consumed. In addition I added charts that utilized the data that was input into the sheets to use as a visual aid to make sure that I am trending in the direction of my health and fitness goals. You can do this even if you do not have a computer or do not know how to make a spreadsheet. Simply use a notebook and some graph paper.

It is amazing how a simple graph can reveal habits that otherwise would have remained undetected. For instance, I found that without fail I would eat healthy meals in my target calorie allotment for 7-10 days and then I would binge and consume enough calories for 2 days in one sitting. After discovering this trend it was easily corrected by increasing my daily calorie intake just a little bit, so I did not feel the need to “pig out” once a week.

The next health and fitness tip is to set realistic goals and to put them in writing. I think that it is very important to put into writing what you would like to accomplish. You should write down your goal in your own handwriting and post it in at least 3 different places so that you will see it throughout your day. This serves as a gentle reminder and will help aid as a deterrent for neglecting your plan.

When stating your goal start out with a short timeline, attain that goal and write out the next one for a lengthier period. Your goal should be measurable and attainable. This is when you need to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals but be careful not to be too easy on yourself.

The last health and fitness tip is to run away from processed foods like the plague. Somebody once said that staying fit is 90% nutrition and 10% exercise. Think about it for a second. Most people eat 3-4 times a day and when you contrast that to how much we exercise it does make some sense. So my tip is to make the eating thing easier on you by simply staying away from processed and packaged foods. Choose healthful foods instead. Once you get into the habit of making your own meals with preferably organic, naturally raised and grown whole foods, you will find that it does not take much time at all. By eating these types of foods you will probably be eating healthier than you usually do. Keep in mind that portion size is a big thing also. In time you would not even crave those bad foods anymore.

Hopefully these few tips will help you to stay on track with your plan. Good luck and be healthy.